Course Reviews!

Esti S., San Jose, CA

My success would not have happened without attending Mike Devlin's Exam Class. It makes it easy and specified on questions that are often repeated.

Laura M., San Jose, CA

Mike makes learning easy with fun facts and fast pace that keeps you interested. The combination of videos and practice tests cover everything you need to know for the exam; and in case you have trouble remembering stuff, the Saturday workshop is the best help.
Thanks Mike!

Silvia B., Gilroy, CA

Best exam prep available. I passed the license exam in December 2013 on my first attempt. Mike Devlin and his assistant Jennifer are extremely helpful and taylor the test questions to what you can expect at the exam. I loved being able to take the class on campus or per live webinar or per recorded video. Go for this class if you want to get your license with the least hassle!

Matthew G., San Jose, CA

These classes are perfectly targeted to help you pass on the first try. Mike is a really good teacher and his classes are right to the point as the curriculum focuses only on information that appears on the test. I would recommend it to anyone preparing to pass the real estate exam.

James C.,San Jose, CA

Mike teaches the class so good and a lot of fun, I have learned so many RE knowledge and really change my life. I high recommend his class, without it I would not pass state exam !

Brett B., San Jose, CA

Great teaching and helpful resources provided by this class helped me to pass my exam on the first try. Highly recommended!

Colin M., Los Gatos, CA

Michael's insight on why the DRE ask's questions in a certain way was instrumental in my passing the exam first time around two weeks ago.

The list of questions he provided for study were comprehensive and representative of the Exam.

Provided you complete the course and tests there should be no reason why everybody can't pass the DRE Exam on the first attempt.

Thank you Michael. I will be back for the Brokers course.

Joon L.,Santa Clara, CA

Couldn't have passed the test without Mike. Better than any online Real Estate tutor.

Mlew L., San Jose, CA

Excellent crash course!
I had already taken the requisite courses from another school but without Michael's crash course I would not have been as well prepared to pass the exam on my first try.
The in person class and the ability to review the video of the questions made all the difference.

Debbie L. San Carlos, CA

I took the classes and also did the exam prep in order to pass the state exam. I passed on the first try! I'm positive I would've failed without this. Mike is a wealth of knowledge and does a great job teaching both the classes and going through the exam prep materials. I'd highly recommend him!

Sira T., Soquel, CA

I attended this one day course on passing my real estate class 2 weeks before my test in Oakland. Michael, made the day go by fast and gave me a lot of valuable information to get me ready for the test. It was well worth the $50 I paid for the day.

I found out that 70% of people fail the test the first time. Not good odds, so I did excatly what Michael suggested and PASSED ON MY FIRST TRY. The state gives everyone 3 hours & 15 min to take the test, I finished in less then 2 hours. THANK YOU MICHAEL !!!
If your going to take the test, go see Michael fist, you will be glad you did!

Liz S., San Jose, CA

Just passed the test and I believe it was by taking the real estate exam prep class along with the other classes he offers. If you are thinking about a career in real estate, talk to Michael Devlin first!


2 thoughts on “Course Reviews!”

  1. Thank you Michael and Jennifer
    I just passed the test today with ease 4-22-14 most if the exam prep class questions where the exactly on the test. I couldn’t have pass it without your teaching expertise and coaching drills. If you haven’t passed your final exam I would highly recommend you call Mr Devlin
    Thanks again

    Chris Luu

  2. Thanks to Michael Devlin’s wealth of knowledge and his ability to communicate the material in an informative and interesting (loaded with fun historic facts all along the way) method, I passed the CA state exam today on my first attempt. It wasn’t an easy test by any stretch of truth but I had learned, under Michael’s courses online in his live classes and by watching his pre-loaded videos on the site, how to analyze the often tricky wording of the questions to reach correct answers. I finished the test within 2 hrs giving me an added 1 hr and 15 min to review each of my 150 answers. During the 2nd review—using his tips on reading test questions—I’d found I made a few mistakes that I was able to correct. Thanks Mike for helping me launch “Chapter II” of my life and a new career!

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