Why Keller Williams?

Why do real estate agents join Keller Williams Realty?

Keller Williams Realty was started in 1983, and began franchising in 1991.  Since then the company has experienced incredible growth to become the second largest real estate sales company in the United States and is currently expanding world wide.  The company’s success largely comes from treating its Associates (real estate agents) as partners and shares with them policy decision, knowledge, and profit.

Some real estate agents join Keller Williams Realty for the training and education others for the career and business development while others join for the profit share opportunities.

These are the Top Reasons that real estate agents often join Keller Williams Realty:

Best Real Estate Technology Top Real Estate Coaching
Real Estate Consulting Real Estate Events and Conventions
Real Estate Business Models Keller Williams Realty Compensation Plan
Keller Williams Profit Share Real Estate Education and Training
Built by Agents for Agents Keller Williams Culture


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