Get Your California Real Estate License

In order to obtain a real estate license, you must do two things: First, you have to complete 3 college-level courses in real estate principles, practice and an elective; Second, you have to pass the State License Exam.

These are two separate requirements.

Everyone who takes the State Exam has the college-level credit from somewhere, yet only about half pass each month (nearly 70% fail on their first try).

Our program is designed to give you the college credit you need, and to prepare you for the State Exam at the same time. Our course works so well we guarantee it!

Phase One: College-Level Courses

* We are affiliated with Career WebSchool for the required three college-level courses.
* You should take these courses while proceeding through the live license preparation classes.
* Final exams are online, open book tests

Phase Two: The State Exam

Our license preparation phase consists of the following additional elements:

* Twelve LIVE Classes (can be repeated as often as needed). Classes are broadcast on the internet and recorded for 24/7 access.
* Online Practice Testing Program. A series of simulated State Exams that will prepare you for the type of questions asked on the actual State Exam.
* Saturday Exam Workshop. This intensive review covers difficult question types and fills in any informational gaps.

License Preparation Without College Level Credit - $399

The 3 College Level Courses - $99

Complete Package - $498


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